Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sneak peek of our studio.....

We are starting to re-design our consultation space and studio.  Here are some preliminary shots of the colors we are using.  Full room shots coming soon......

Monday, January 28, 2013

What a Professional Wedding Florist Can Offer Thier Clients

These days, there are so many resources out there for brides planning their weddings.  The various looks and different types of elements to choose from are both astounding and overwhelming.  In the sometimes uncertain process of choosing a style, one thing is for sure, you want your entire day to have one consistent look and feeling.  You want it to convey your overall personality and emotions of the day.  This is where a wedding florist can help.

Wedding florists are designers that specialize in wedding flowers.  It is their main focus and something that they take great pains in perfecting.  A specialized design team like we have at Sisters Floral Design Studio can come up with many ways to incorporate your own personal touches within the larger scheme of the flowers.  Professionals can help guide you in choosing elements that will give you that consistent look you want from personal flowers to ceremony d├ęcor and into the celebration at the reception.  A design team can take away the overwhelming feelings that sometimes come with choosing flowers from what seems like an unending garden of choices.  They can suggest blooms based on your likes and dislikes, the season and color palette of your wedding, and the budget you have laid out for each flower element.  Flowers are a great medium for accentuating a certain idea or theme or for creating the main focus of the event.  The guidance that can come from meeting with a wedding florist can really help set the tone for the rest of the event.

With so many DIY websites and “just-picked” flower looks, it can be easy to think, “I could probably do the flowers myself.  I just want something simple.”  Here are a few things to think about when considering DIY flowers for your wedding day:  1) The logistics.  They are the last thing that most people think about, but the first thing that needs to be considered.  If you do your own flowers and have a source to purchase them, where will they be stored while they hydrate?  Do you have coolers with controlled temperatures to house them after they are arranged?  Do you have the materials, tools, containers, work area, etc. to assemble them?  How and who will deliver them?  What can be logistical issues for a DIYer are all things that professionals are equipped to handle every day.  2) The design.  Consider how important that overall look you have been dreaming of is to you.  Is it worth having someone with training and experience suggest ideas for what may work best to achieve it?  Do you want floral designs in your wedding pictures that look professionally executed and that evoke the emotions of the day?  Professional floral designers specialize in all these aspects.  3) The hassle.  Do you want to be tied to processing flowers and making bouquets the last few days before your wedding?  Do you want to be worrying about you or your family members setting up and delivering flower arrangements the day of your wedding?  A full-service wedding florist takes care of all of these things.  It is part of the service they provide and they are top-notch at making sure each flower detail is fulfilled.

So, how do you go about selecting a professional wedding florist?  Use all the resources at your disposal.  Magazines, websites and blogs featuring local vendors will display first-hand accounts of a florist’s work.  Often times, you may have a friend or relative who recently got married.  Ask who they used and if they were happy with their flowers.  If you are hiring a wedding coordinator, they can also give you suggestions.  Once you have a florist in mind, call and make an appointment to meet with them.  Go to your appointment prepared with inspiration images and a budget for flowers in mind.  Flower budgets are based on your overall wedding budget and should be 8-10% of the whole budget.  Be open to the design team’s suggestions.  The pictures you selected as inspiration should be used as just that- inspiration.  Often times, blooms in a picture may not be the best choice due to availability or color selection.  Let the professionals design a piece for you that will mimic but not copy exactly the picture you love.  It gives the designers the freedom to what they do best!

When you find the right wedding florist, all the elements from your wedding will come together.  You will know it’s the right fit when you start to feel your thoughts and ideas taking shape.  As professional wedding florists, we have a wonderful occupation.  We get the opportunity to work with brides and grooms on one of the most important, emotional and joyous days of their lives.  It is an opportunity that we take very seriously and are so proud to be chosen to take part in.  Best wishes to all those planning weddings from the design team at Sisters Floral Design Studio!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hot Pinks in July

Beth and Andrew celebrated in July with a wedding at St. James the Greater and a reception at Top of the Met.  Beth's colors were hot pink and white, very striking and very bold.  (Photos by Love and Life Photography)

Beth's bouquet was a textured arrangement of all pink stargazer lilies.

Details from the reception.

Warm wishes for the newlyweds!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Small Second Wedding at the Ritz

 Michelle and Brian had a very intimate and lovely wedding at the Ritz in July.  Including their blended families and personal touches throughout the day was very important to them.  (Images by Artistic Soup)

Beautiful Bride

Beautiful Couple

Beautiful Family

The ceremony was held in a suite large enough to hold their intimate party.


A dinner was held in the restaurant for all the guests.  Small arrangements lined the middle of the large table.

Dessert was served in the suite.

Looks like they were excited to head out on a family vacation!

All our best to the bride and groom and their family!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Graham Chapel and Missouri History Museum Wedding

This picture-perfect wedding for Mallory and Steve was shared with their family and friends at Graham Chapel and the Missouri History Museum.  The vintage-inspired wedding details were very unique to the couple.  Photos by Clary Pfeiffer.

A special personal touch to the bridal bouquet.

A lovely couple and a wonderful day!