Monday, February 29, 2016

Botanical Garden Bouquets

Oh, how we wish for summer!  We loved this summer Missouri Botanical Gardens wedding.  The lush textures and soft, romantic blooms were so fun to design and arrange.  We combined roses, dahlias, stock flower, lisianthus, succulents, and three natural-looking greenery varieties to give our bride this look.  We are thinking warm and thinking weddings at our studio this week!!  Image by Megan Thiele Studios.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Lush and Full Centerpieces- What we're seeing for 2016

Centerpiece trends change year to year for weddings and events.  This event season, we are seeing a departure from tall centerpieces for guest tables.  For a number of years, we saw a lot of half tall and half low centerpieces layouts, but for 2016 many of our clients are opting for low centerpieces.  Whether it's for long tables or round tables, the popularity of large, full, and lush centerpieces has been trumping the extremely popular tall designs.  It's not always for budgetary reasons either.  The trend we have seen in table design is for very detailed, textured, and intricate designs with large footprints that rival the grandeur of the elaborate, tall arrangements.

Here are some of our examples of low, full pieces for guest tables.  We provided these designs for an event at the Crowne Plaza last summer.  The vibrant color scheme used purples, pinks, berry, and blues with mixed gold and silver mercury.  We created two different, but coordinating designs for the tables.  Images by Kelly Park Photography.

This low design in a clear footed vessel incorporated taller floating candles for some added warmth.

This coordinating centerpiece is elevated in a silver compote with low pillar candlelight.

Lavender phalenopsis orchids draped out of the compotes.

The look of all low centerpieces can be a showstopper for your next celebration.

Thanks to Divine Events for coordinating this event!

Monday, February 15, 2016

August Wedding at Heartland Estate

Tammy and Derek chose Heartland Estate for their intimate outdoor wedding and reception.  As this was a second marriage for both, they wanted something casual and fun that not only their kids could enjoy, but also their extended families and guests.  Images by Michael Jacob.

Tammy's bouquet was a mix of orange roses, light blue delphinium, butter stock flower, daisies, ranunculus, and anemones with dark centers.

Tammy's bridesmaid carried a smaller version of bridal bouquet with some pops of bright yellow added in.

The metal archway for the ceremony was adorned with branches, greenery, and bright wedding blooms.

Shepherd's hooks with floral mason jars lined the aisle.

The pasture was the setting for the ceremony.

Sweet daisy wrist cuff for the flower girl.

Daisy boutonniere for the boys.

Derek had a orange ranunculus boutonniere on his jacket.

Kids will be kids no matter the setting!

As a symbol of their families joining, each person had one string of ribbon that they braided all together.

Hugs for all!

The newlyweds!

The whole cute family!

The reception followed in the tent.

The reception tables were decorated with jars of roses, daisies, delphinium, and solidago, accented with the bride's polka dot ribbon.

Best wishes to the sweetest family ever!!!  Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine's Day-- Don't Let it Sneak up on You!

Let us help you make a BIG splash with your sweetheart!  Call us at 314-821-0076 to place your order by phone.  Click here to order online OR email us your flower needs and our design team will help you send a gorgeous vase worthy of your Valentine!  It's never too early or too late to make someone smile!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Long Guest Tables- What you need to know regarding flowers & table decor--

One of the current trends that we have been seeing more and more is long tables at receptions and parties.  The tradition of having a long wedding head table has even changed to a rectangular king's table with wedding party sitting all the way around instead of only on one side.  This idea has trickled over into the whole reception and we are now seeing room layouts and celebrations with 8ft. to 16ft.+ tables, guests seated at all sides.

The look of the overall room is stunning with the long tables lined up and table decor trailing down the center.  This trend is fun to work with and design for, but there are a few things to consider when it comes to the flowers and table decor.

We have seen lots of inspiration pictures of long flower garlands lining the middle of a rectangular table, with the garland spilling over the ends.  Here are some images (courtesy of LPhotographie) of a table with a similar look that we did just this past season:

To us, this visual is one of the main draws to doing the longs.  This is such a romantic and lush look and when you envision this in your whole reception, it's breathtaking.  The cost can sometimes also take your breath away if you don't know what to expect.  

In the case of a round, 72" guest table, the decor can be as traditional as a mix of gorgeous seasonal blooms in a low or tall design.  This cost will vary according to flowers and choice of style, but more often than not, a large single arrangement or collection of medium arrangements will give a full showing at the center of the table.  (Image by LPhotographie)

In the case of long tables, oftentimes two 8 foot tables are connected to give an even longer profile.  Sometimes, they are also doubled up in width to give more room for the guests sitting there.  If the table is 16 feet long, the real estate that needs to be covered to give the same fullness as mentioned on the round tables is exceedingly more.  If you want garlands down the center, 16 feet won't drape over the edges, so 20-22 feet per table would be suggested.  Basic greenery garlands that are pre-made with 2-3 types of greenery can range in price from $12-18 per foot in our market.  Adding flowers to the greenery will start in the neighborhood of $15 per foot (additional) and increase from there depending on flower choice and fullness.  Of course, different shops have different price ranges, so check with them.  Solid flower garlands are also popular on social media, but are much more expensive than those with greenery included as a large number of blooms are needed to construct them.

If garlands aren't really what you envisioned for your long tables, another popular look is several small arrangements and candles aligned down the middle.  The coverage of these table scapes is usually pretty full with one arrangement running into the next accented by candles.  If you budget one small arrangment for every foot, then you would need 16 vases of flowers plus candles for each table.  As always, the range of prices will vary with flowers choices and size ( approx. $40-100+ each), but keep in mind that whatever elements are being incorporated will need to be purchased in multiples to achieve that look.

There are lots of variations as well.  Some choose to sit guests on each end of the longs.  Having a place setting at each end of the table decreases the length of decorations needed as well as the tendency to want any garlands draping down the sides of the table.  Some also mix round tables and long tables in one room to have the best of both worlds.  Whatever your vision may be, think past the table shape and explore how best to showcase your table scape!