Monday, August 29, 2016

Spotlight on a Sister-- Teresa

Teresa is our next Sister in the blog spotlight.  She is innovative in many different areas, but loves to focus her creativity in floral design.  She has contributed her ideas in the corporate world, but found she flourishes in flowers!  This is what she had to say in our recent interview:

Q: What is you favorite color scheme?
A: Turquoise and coral

Q: What is your favorite flower in the garden?
A: Peony

Q: Where do you look for inspiration?
A: The internet.  The possibilities are endless!

Q: Do you have a favorite style of floral design?
A: Yes.  I like the way a loose and draping bouquet looks; almost like it is freshly picked from the garden.

Q: Who is your favorite designer- floral or otherwise?
A: Lilly Pulitzer!  I love the bright colors and the vibrant floral/beachy themes. It puts a smile on my face.  Every day is a Lilly day!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Rustic Wedding and Reception at Three Barn Farm

Megan and Craig enjoyed an outdoor wedding and a barn reception at Three Barn Farm.  Here are the details from their lovely day shot by Julia Noack Photography.

Megan carried this stunning rustic bouquet.  It included bells of Ireland, bright roses, lisianthus, and spray roses.  The icing on the cake was the green hanging amaranthus to drape.

Beautiful bride!

The bridesmaids carried these linear bouquets of peach stock flower and bells of Ireland.

Look at those ladies!

Coral ranunculus were the boutonnieres for the guys.

The barn was decorated with rustic flower accents on the long farm tables.

Congratulations to the happy couple!  It was fun to be a part of your day!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Spotlight on a Sister-- Shelly

Our focus for this week's spotlight is Shelly.  Shelly started working for Sisters immediately upon her arrival to St. Louis in 2007.  She enjoyed designing in two different states before moving to Missouri to continue her floral career.  These are Shelly's thoughts from our recent Q and A:

Q: What is your favorite flower to design with?
A: Tulips!  They are my favorite flower- always.

Q: What attracted you to floral design?
A: When I was a teenager, I became fascinated with plants and flowers- not just the science, but as a way to brighten someone's day or celebrate.  I respect the amount of time and care if takes to grow them and the type of eye it takes to make them look just as beautiful in an arrangement as they do in nature. 

Q: Where do you look for inspiration?
A: Even though I am not much of a fashionista or an interior designer, I try to pay attention to new color schemes and styles in clothing and home decor.  Those two worlds directly affect the styles and colors that become popular in our trade.

Q:  What avenues do you suggest for narrowing a wedding flower search?
A:  I think that Pinterest can be helpful, when used in a constructive way.  The key is to pin things that speak to you, but also to go back through your boards and weed out some of the ideas that you no longer like.  Don't be afraid to have more than one board for your wedding.  Have a board just for flowers or just for hairstyles, etc.  This will make your time spent on Pinterest more fruitful when your vendors can easily see what you like.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Lovely Chandler Hill Wedding and Reception

Happy Anniversary to Emily and Alex who were married a year ago last month at Chandler Hill Winery.  Here are some excellent photos by L Photographie that show the details of their day.

Emily's bouquet was a mix of blue hydrangea and champagne, ivory, and peach roses.  It was such a rich combination that complemented the landscape of the winery perfectly.

Alex wore a spray rose boutonniere while his groomsmen had clusters of babies breath.

The bridesmaids carried bouquets of babies breath for a soft, romantic touch.

Babies breath spilled out of the urns on the wine barrels at the ceremony.  They were later moved to the bar at the reception.

The newlyweds!

The bride's family.  We are so excited to get to work with them again for Emily's sister Hannah's wedding next year!  They are all so sweet to work with!

These jars of flowers lined the tables at the reception.

Congratulations to the happy couple!  It was a joy to work with you and your family on such a special day!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Spotlight on a Sister-- Emily

We are taking the opportunity to focus on our fearless leader, Emily, this week on our blog.  Emily built Sisters Floral Design Studio from an existing retail store in 2001.  As she began to focus the business on mostly weddings and events, Sisters outgrew the retail end of the flower biz and is now a boutique floral design studio.  Here are Emily's answers to some various fun and industry questions:

Q:  There are so many varieties of roses now.  Do you have a favorite?
A:  Yes!  Circus roses are one of my favorites.  Despite the silly name, they are a gorgeous bi-colored rose.  Actually, they are the ones in this picture.  They open so full and round and are fun to work into arrangements.

Q:  Do you have a preferred style of design- floral or otherwise?
A:  I live in a historic farm house from the 1800s, so I really embrace the rustic and natural beauty of my property.  This does spill over into what I like in flower design as well.  I enjoy loose greenery and lots of natural, wildflower textures.

Q:  What do you like to do when you are not designing flowers?
A:  I enjoy my family and my dogs.  :)  I recently stepped into the world of venues.  With my historic home comes many acres of land. The natural beauty of the acreage lends itself perfectly to a venue for any type of event- from a dinner for two to a celebration for 200.  Heartland Estate is my new adventure.

Q:  What is some advice you can give to those shopping for special event flowers? 
A:   Always set your budget before setting up a consultation.  Tell the designer your budget, your colors, and your inspirations and let them put together the most awesome thing they can within those parameters.  Our goal at Sisters is to always have the perceived value more than you really spent.