Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peonies in November!

The last weekend in November is not typically the time of year that you would expect to see peonies. Our bride, Sara, really loves peonies, so we did all we could to get them for her bouquet, even in the off season. Here are some photos taken by Chelsea that show just how gorgeous these November peonies were!

We mixed the white peonies with sahara roses for this lush bridal bouquet.

Not every seasonal flower will cooperate and be this pretty or even available when they are out of season. This is just one of those examples of good fortune and all the planets being aligned just right!! Sisters Flowers will always try to make their clients happy--even when it means ordering June peonies in November!!



Cosmopolitan Events said...

This bouquet is beautiful, especially for November!!! Sisters Flowers really does make their clients happy!

Sara said...

My name is Sara. This was my bouquet. I thought I was crazy for even asking for peonies in November. Sister's Flowers are fabulous. My bouquet was everything I imagined and more. I originally showed them a picture, and it looked just like it.