Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spotlight on Moonrise Hotel

The Moonrise is an awesome venue for a small reception. It is located right on The Loop here in St. Louis. The hotel has a very modern and fun design. It's lunar-themed lobby alone is quirky, yet sophisticated with a lighted open staircase that changes color. Sisters did an intimate wedding reception there for about 50 people in one of their meeting rooms. But this just wasn't any meeting room. This cozy room overlooked The Loop itself. Here are some pictures that we took at our set-up of the venue.

Just a few tall, full arrangements, in addition to the great view, was all the room needed. If a small event is in your future, don't count out The Moonrise Hotel.


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Hi there,
I work in marketing at the Moonrise Hotel, and I'm trying to put together a wedding section on our website. I'd love to use some of your images if you'd let me. I don't need pics with people in them, just pictures of the table set up as you've posted on this blog. I would also like to include a link to your blog. Let me know if you're open to this. You can email me at